Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mini Vacation - Ocean City NJ

We had an amazing weekend! We spent the weekend at the Jersey shore with our family. We couldn't have asked for better weather!!! Katie and I built a sandcastle only to have it sacrificed to the ocean... I thought the water was cold, but Katie still went in!!! It was so nice that she could use the boogie board and we just had to sit by the edge of the water. It was a bit windy on Saturday so Katie had a blast flying a kite, Boompa and Nana even got into the fun! We got to see a perfect sunset from the top deck at Uncle Mark and Aunt Sherri's house. It was amazing!!!

Katie and I got up early on Sunday morning and went to the beach to see the sunrise. I think this is going to be our annual tradition. It's a very special time the two of us get to share with each other. It's so peaceful and serene at that time of the morning. We even saw a few dolphins!! It looked like 1 adult and 2 babies. We had another amazing day at the beach. The boys tried some surf fishing, but had no luck. Olivia doesn't like the ocean, so she wouldn't go in, but I think that's a blessing in disguise! Kel didn't have to worry about her in the water. We played a round of trivial pursuit - Boys vs. Girls... all I can say is that we did have fun. There was an air show in Atlantic City so we got to see some really cool planes.

oh.. by the way... even though it's September, you can still burn...

This is a great group shot of us all.