Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun in Florida

Well, I haven't posted in a while because we have been so busy discovering Florida!  We've had so much fun with our visitors and we've been going to all the parks.  We got season passes to Seaworld, Universal, & Disney.  It's soooo much cheaper to do that, especially as Florida residents (still seems weird to say!).  We are absolutely loving being able to do things outdoors.  I got the bikes out (definitely need to get a gel seat!!).  It's so nice that it's so flat here!  We put up a bird feeder and have gotten so much joy out of watching the birds!  The squirrels are driving me nuts though!  I have to get a squirrel resistant feeder.  Ray found a job in Orlando and just started this week.  It's been an adjustment, but things are finally getting back to normal!  
I started scrapping again.  There's a groups of scrappers here in Florida like we had in PA.  I've only been able to go twice, but I've met some really nice people.  We will be scrapping again next week.
Sean is working a lot at Smokey Bones and Katie is busy with school and volleyball.  I am still the taxi driver!  I think there are days when I spend more time in the car than anywhere else.
Katie had a mini volleyball tournament today and then we decided to pop over to the parks.  I had a slight headache, so we stopped at the Wawa by SeaWorld and got some ice tea and advil.  We stopped by SeaWorld for about an hour to see the dolphins.  We found out there are 2 pregnant dolphins and 3 babies in the dolphin nursery right now.  Honestly, I could have stayed there all day!!  It's so calming to me.  I love watching them swim around and interact.  Katie was riding the Kracken while we were at the nursery.  Then we popped over to Hollywood Studios at Disney for the "May the 4th Be With You" celebration (Star Wars stuff... lol)  They had a very nice fireworks display over Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat with the Star Wars music playing in the background.  It was pretty cool!  I went on Tower of Terror again!  I wasn't as scared, but it did make me a little nauseous this time.  I let Ray and Katie ride it again without me!  We also took 2 drawing instruction sessions.  We drew Dopey and Chip (from Chip & Dale).  I love learning to draw from them.  The illustrators are kinda goofy too!