Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Beth!

So here's my list of 4's:

4 Jobs I have had in my life: 1. Head Teller (I miss Meridian Bank!!!) 2. Cashier (Redners) 3. Teacher's Aid (Reading High School) 4. Project Manager (First HSA - current)

4 Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:1. 50 First Dates 2. Pretty in Pink 3. The Sound of Music 4. An Affair to Remember

4 Places I’ve Lived:1. San Diego CA(until I was 2) 2. Douglassville PA (age 2-23) 3. Millersville PA (college) 4. West Reading PA (age 23-current)

4 TV Show I Watch/Watched 1. CSI NY 2. Two and a Half Men 3. The Riches 4. Dexter (gotta love the serial killers!)

4 Places I have Been: 1. Hawaii 2. Puerto Rico 3. Bahamas 4. New York City

4 People who email me regularly :1. Kim 2. Jen 3. Beth 4. Michele

4 of my favorite foods:1. anything salty!!! 2. filet mignon 3. pecan pie (that my dad makes) 4. almonds

4 Places I Would Like to Visit:1. Ireland 2. Australia 3. Japan (my hubby lived there for 2 1/2 years while in the service. I would love to take him back there.) 4. Hawaii (with my hubby this time)

4 Things I am Looking Forward to in the Coming Year:1. Sean leaving for college (it's not like it sounds! I am so proud of him and I can't wait to see him start a new phase of his life) 2. Going to Universal Studios in December (my hubby won tickets for the park, airfair, and hotel from WMGK!!) 3. spending time with family 4. Scrapping with friends & my Design Team time at It's Scraptacular

4 Friends who I’m Tagging: 1. Kim 2. Jen 3. Taryn 4. Barb

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