Tuesday, May 26, 2009


just a quick update since i have been a bad blogger...

it's been a crazy couple of months!!

katie's spring soccer league is over. they ended up 4-2 for the season. they didn't fair so well in the mother's day tournament, but they never seem to play well in tournaments! it's the end of the school year for katie - which means... lots of parties, field trips, and field days! she is playing in a 3x3 soccer tournament in amity this weekend. should be interesting! summer basketball is getting ready to start. she is supposed to have her first practice tonight... weather permitting. she will be playing in 2 leagues, one on saturdays and one on mondays/wednesdays. katie just had her spring concert. she played the trumpet and sang in the chorus. she developed an infection in her gum. her face puffed up on the left side and her eye was closed for almost a day. poor thing, had to have a baby tooth pulled, but now she feels so much better.

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5

sean finished his freshman year at shippensburg and is now home looking for a summer job. he also turned 19! oh my... where has the time gone?

ray has ~30 days left until his job is done. he is looking for a new job... hopefully closer to home!

as for me... special olympics went better than ever! it was a beautiful day!!! i am now the registrar for our soccer club, so i have been busy trying to get them organized and online. it's a HUGE undertaking! i will be volunteering at katie's school for her school party and field day. i haven't had many chances to scrap. i have some pages and a mini album almost ready to go for the June kit for ItsScraptacular. I LOVE THIS KIT!!!! check it out on June 1st. http://www.itsscraptacular.com/?q=node/1

check out my sneak peaks....

well... that's it for now. thanks for checkin' in on us.

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Beth said...

Ohhh! My poor little Katie! She looks so sad. I hope she is feeling better!