Sunday, July 21, 2013

Buying a house...

Well, we have finally found a house that meets most of the "have to haves" and most of the "want to haves".  I know it's crazy, but it has 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, & a 3 car garage.  What the heck were we thinking??? LOL  Well, in our defense, the "guest suite" will be my office/scrap room.  With working from home, I do need a designated area. (probably about 5% of the room...) The rest will be my scrap room.  YAY!  I have been on pinterest non stop to find perfect rooms.  Now if only I had the budget for that!  Eventually...  We absolutely LOVE the layout of the kitchen and family room.  The master is upstairs (not my favorite - I like it to be separate from the kids), but that was definitely not a deal breaker.  It is huge though.  I will have enough space for a settee by the front window to read.  Very excited about that!  Ray will take one of the bedrooms as a computer room.  The kids will each have a bathroom in their rooms.  That leaves 1 HUGE bedroom for guests.  So, as crazy big as it sounds, we will use most of the rooms.  The house is in Chuluota, but in a neighborhood.  It's a pie shaped lot on a pond.  We will have to clear a little of the palm fronds to have a better view, but other than that, it's exactly what we were looking for.  The only thing it doesn't have is a pool.  We have already started working with a pool company to design our dream backyard space.  That will be exciting and expensive! ;)  We have started boxing up all our stuff in preparations for the movers on the 30th.  We really don't have too much to do.  I boxed up all the videos and my scrap supplies yesterday.  It's gonna be hard not to scrap for a week and a half!  Can't wait to get in there and put up my decorations and paint the walls the colors I want.  Sooooo sick of living in a rental!  I can't believe I lasted 9 months!

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