Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Times

Well, we have been busy running around the last few weeks.
Ray was in Omaha Nebraska for work the week of July 14th. His plan was delayed and then cancelled. He sat on the runway for 3 hours! He had to fly out Monday morning instead.

We spent some time with Kelly and Olivia on the 19th at Mom and Dad's house. We went swimming. Olivia spent most of the time climbing in and out of the pool using the steps and railing. She is a BIG GIRL now! She is just getting too big, too fast!! Katie is learning how to dive. She is getting better each time! She was snorkeling too. My little adventurer!

We then went to Tyler's 2nd birthday party. The kids had a blast in the sprinkler and throwing water balloons. Tyler and I were playing in the sandbox. He's at such a fun age!!


Katie went to the shore with Uncle Mark and Aunt Sherri from the 23rd - 25th. She had so much fun!!! She went in the water, collected sea shells, and went on the boardwalk! Life doesn't get any better than that!
Cute story alert... Katie and Aunt Sherri were collecting shells along the coast. Aunt Sherri noticed that Katie was picking up all the broken ones. Aunt Sherri asked her why she wasn't putting them back and keeping the whole shells. Katie said it's because the broken ones are UNIQUE!
Her shell collection is quite unique!!

I got the chance to crop at Scraptacular on Friday night and Saturday day. I cropped with a friend, Barb, who I haven't cropped with in a while and I met a bunch of new ladies who were a blast! Can't wait to crop with them again!

I went to Taryn's open house on the 27th to help her with the Make-N-Takes. There was a nice turn out! It's a great Retreat House!! A group of us are going Aug 8th-10th. I can't wait!!! I am attaching a link to her blog.

We then went to Mom and Dad's to go swimming. The rain was NOT going to ruin the day for me! I knew it would clear up eventually! ~ and Ray doubted me!! While we waited, we watched the Phillies win over the Braves ~WOO HOO! AND the Philadelphia SOUL won the championship!!! It was a scary at the end, but they won! We invited Michelle, Randall, Monica, Mikey, and Jonathan over for swimming and dinner. The kids couldn't wait to get in the pool. We even stayed late enough to turn on the pool light. Brings back lots of memories about awesome summers in the pool!

Sean is finalizing everything for college. He leaves Aug 21st! I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away! Ray is on vacation this week. He will be updating his resume and looking for jobs. He only has 4 weeks until his last day of work. Katie is staying home this week with Daddy. As much as she loves camp, I think she also enjoys just "chillin" at home! She has been attending soccer practice on Tuesdays. She can't wait for the season to begin! I am working this week, but only Mon-Thurs. I am going to be working in a vendor booth at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Valley Forge on Friday and Saturday. Should be an experience.

I have been busy creating pages for Scraptacular for the August kit. The challenge for the "So Tell Me Your Story" Blog was to create a page about my name. Here's the page.

Well, there you have it. Sorry for the long post, but life happens!


scrapNdiva said...

Love your blog, you posted on the "blogroll" from AC Moore's new forum. I look forward to watching your updates.

Tana said...

Those are great pictures! Nice work too. Love the colors of the blog too!

Beth said...

Love the new look Jackie! And I LOVE the pics!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I love the new blog look....and I love the photos from the pool...she is toooooo cute. I also love your slide it!