Friday, August 22, 2008

Well, we dropped Sean off at college yesterday. It was a very emotional day! It started out with a traffic jam - we luckily saw it before we were getting on the turnpike, so we took some back roads. It took us 3 hours instead of 2 hours to get there. But we didn't sit on the turnpike. We got to drive thru Gettysburg, which was neat seeing some of the Battlefields.

We got to Shippensburg and got a spot right in front of the dorm. His room is on the 5th floor! We got up to his room and met his roommate and his family. They were very nice. Ray and Sean started bringing the rest of his stuff up while Katie and I organized and setup his room. We had less time to unpack and organize than we hoped but we dot most of it done. We got his books - they were only $364.90. I thought they were going to be much more!! We said goodbye and headed for home.

We got on the main road to go home and stopped after ~2 miles. We than sat for 3 hours on the highway. We went a total of 27 miles. UUGGHH! It's amazing Ray and I didn't kill each other. With emotions being so high anyway, we were trying to keep our additudes to a minimum. Katie was fabulous considering we sat for 3 hours!! We finally detoured (that took about 1/2 hour to go about 2 miles) and stopped for dinner to try to give the accident more time to clear up. The service was absolutely horrible!!! We were finally able to get back on the road around 8:45pm. We got home at 10:45pm. What a LONG and draining day!!!

I think because of all the drama with the traffic, it hasn't sunk in yet that he is gone. I know he is only at college, but for 18 years, he has been here with me.

His last week home was one of the best weeks we have had in years. We went to Gring's Mill, ate dinner together as a family, and watched movies & sporting events together. We all got along so well! I really cherished this week! We took him to dinner at Shady Maple on Wednesday night for his "Last Supper"! :) There were 17 of us in total that went. I will post pictures of Gring's Mill and Shady Maple later this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I know it was a hard day for you but be always proud of the job you did as a mother...I know you are!