Tuesday, August 2, 2011

new stuff...

well, it's been a while!  i have been inspired by ali edwards to start documenting more of my life.  (with my memory the way it is, it will help me remember too!!! :)   i would have loved to have had this information about my grandparents and other relatives, so now is as good a time as any.  i will be taking more pictures...i know, how can i take more pictures... i will be taking more pictures of everyday life and of myself (in my journal of self improvement).  now that i am 40, i am starting to take a look at my life and trying to "get it right".  i want to be a better wife, mother, friend, and person.  what i have realized is that i will not allow people to treat me poorly.  i am still trying to find the fine line between not being friends and just being acquaintances.  i also have to not take things so personally.  people won't change unless they want to... BIG LIFE LESSON! 

we are in the process of trying to relocate to Florida.  anyone who knows me, knows this is a HUGE life changing decision.  i have never lived outside of Berks County, PA!  (well, i actually did before i was 2, but i don't remember it)  i can't wait to start this new journey!  as soon as ray finds a job, we will be putting our house up for sale.  i already have homes in Florida that i like, so that should be no problem.  we have scouted out the schools and soccer programs for kate.  she is excited as well!  she will get to play soccer year round outside.

 i haven't had a chance to scrap as much as i would like... we changed my scraproom into a spare bedroom to prep the house to sell.  most of my supplies are in storage and the rest are on my dining room table right now.  i have a few crops coming up in the next few months that i am REALLY looking forward to!

as part of my new beginning, we decided to go camping (in a tent...).  kate had never been camping before and it's been years since ray and i had gone.  we had a fantastic time!  we found (thanks to michelle) a really cute campground close to home called lake-in-wood camping resort.  kate got to build a fire, fish, hike, roast marshmallows, and sleep in a tent.

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