Friday, December 23, 2011

week before Christmas

it's the week before Christmas, and all through the house... 
  • ray had an interview in virginia for the overseas job.  it went very well.  we are so excited for this opportunity!  we hope to find out soon! 
  • kate had a lot of homework and projects due this week (and over the holiday break), basketball games and practice.
  • i didn't have much to do but help kate with projects and work.

kate had 2 basketball games this week.  they played antietam and kutztown.  they beat both of them by a lot.  it was so nice to see them play well.

sean and brianna came over for dinner after kate's game.  kate was talking a mile a minute about school and life.  it was so cute.  at one point, she turned to sean and said, so, how is your life?  we also noticed that she is now up to his shoulders.  she was thrilled!!

kate and i finished all her presents for her friends.  we made ornaments out of paperback pages and mini paper bag albums for brittany and hannah.  she's such a thoughtful kid! (even though i get to do a lot of the work!)

we are heading to uncle mark and aunt sherri's for an impromptu family get together.  seth, christina, casey and josh are coming in and mom, dad, kelly, patrick, and olivia will be there also.  i am sure there will be a bit of drinking and card playing...

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