Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Vacation to Florida - Day 2

We went to Universal and Islands of Adventure on day 2. We were having lunch and a bird was in the restaurant. All of a sudden we heard a "WHACK"! A bird ran into the window! It was hysterical!!!
Ray, Sean, and Katie went on the ET Ride, the Simpson's Ride, and the MIB ride. Then all 4 of us went on the Jaws ride.

Katie got her face painted. She was so cute!
We then went into the Disaster and the BeetleJuice Shows.
Sean and Katie got to climb a "New York City Wall". They were getting ready for the Macy's Holiday Parade while we were walking to the Return of the Mummy Ride. Some street performers grabbed Katie and Sean. It's amazing what a pretty girl can get Sean to do!!!

Katie, Sean, & Ray then went into Revenge of the Mummy and Twister.

We decided we did not want to wait another 45 minutes to watch the Macy's Holiday Parade, so we went to Islands of Adventure.

Sean is always connected with friends... even in Florida.

Our first stop was SuessLand. I must admit, this is my favorite part of the parks. Dr. Suess just makes me smile. Everything is so magical! Ray and Katie went on One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. They got soaked!

Right next to the ride was the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It was TERRIFIC! They had a slight audio malfunction at the beginning, but the narrarator thought quickly and played it up. They even had a real dog playing Max!

The carousel is called the Carol-Seuss-el! It's adorable!
One of Sean's favorite stories from Dr. Seuss is "The Lorax".
We had dinner at Circus McGurkus Restaurant. The tran went around the top of the restaurant and out into the park. We jumped on that after dinner. It was an amazing view, especially in the dark.
Sean headed off for the hotel and Ray, Katie and I walked around City Walk. There are some great restaurants there. This is the World's Largest Hard Rock Cafe!
We took the water ferry back to the hotel. We stopped in front of the hotel to check out the guitar fountain at night.
It was a very long, but AWESOME day!

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