Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Vacation to Florida - Day 8

We stumbled across the Beluga Whale Interaction Program at SeaWorld while checking out the park. We tried signing up for it online in the hotel room Friday morning. You have to order at least 2 days in advance. That was out... We were leaving Saturday. We made our way over to SeaWorld on Friday and decided to check with the front desk. Ray talked to a very nice guy and found out there were 2 openings on Saturday morning! He also gave us a major discount! It was a win/win. The kids got a 1 hour experience. 20 actual minutes in the water with the whales. Because they are babies, you don't actually swim with them. Their names are Klondike and Aurek. They are a grey color because they are babies. They will be completely white when they are adults. The kids had to put on wet suits because they keep the water at 52 degrees. They got to help train the whales and feed them fish. They got them to tail walk, speak, turn in the water, jump out of the water, fin wave, and many other tricks. My favorite was when the whales spit water at the kids!
This was such an experience of a lifetime!
This was our last day in Florida. We were sad to leave. It was an absolutely awesome vacation. Memories that will last forever!
We got back to Philly around 9:40pm. It was 30 degrees. I certainly didn't miss that!

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Taryn said...

Awesome photos, and congrats on the Pagemaps layout!
Off to check out the rest of your trip!