Thursday, January 1, 2009

Page Maps

I have a page in this month's collection at Page Maps! The page is titled "They Will Not Fit In The Bathtub!". It's a horizontal 8.5x11 side map.

The journaling reads:

It was the experience of a lifetime! Sean and Katie got to interact with the 2 young Beluga Whales at SeaWorld (Klondike and Aurek). They were able to spend 20 minutes with them. They gave them hand signals to do the tricks, got to feed them fish, and got a hug & kiss from them. Katie actually did a report on Beluga Whales earlier this year at school. They are her favorite whales, so this was extra special for her. Sean didn't stop smiling the whole time! The kids had to wear wet suits because the water temp was 52 F! They didn't mind though. The kids got the whales to tail walk, wave their fins, spin around, jump out of the water, and my favorite, spit water at them! They even got them to speak! The kids enjoyed it so much they wanted to bring them home with us! Sorry kids... THEY WILL NOT FIT IN THE BATHTUB!

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