Monday, January 9, 2012

basketball game

work was very crazy today.  this was my first day doing deposits full time at work.  needless to say, the day FLEW by!  kate had another basketball game today.  uncle mark and aunt sherri were able to go too.  she is always so happy when they can come.  we won 22-5.  kate had a good game.  she scored a basket before we got there (i was late because of work) and caused a few turnovers.  she was playing tough defense all game.  aunt sherri commented on how calm she is when she is running a play. 

kate loves having her hair braided when it's wet so it is crimped in the morning.  she looks goofy when the braids are in, but looks cute when it's out.  so, i put the braids in tonight while we watched the sixers beat the pacers!!

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