Monday, January 2, 2012

my "little word" for 2012

2012 - TREASURE...

my "little word" for 2012 is Treasure.  i chose this word because i need to record, appreciate and treasure the everyday moments - not just the big events.  with the huge changes about to happen in our lives, i really want to take the time to enjoy it and not just stress about it!  i am trying to be more patient and understanding, so slowing down to document everything will help me to treasure this time, at least when i eventually have the time to slow down and enjoy it!  i am excited to be journaling our lives.  i know it's not all fun and games everyday, but our story needs to be told.  i might miss a day or two, but that's just the reality of life and i am not going to put that pressure on myself.  it's not about a a deadline, but about enjoying life and recording it.  i think by keeping track each day, i am hoping i will be more motivated to do something each day.  i don't mean it has to be something "show stopping", but just to get off the couch and do something.  i want us all to have a healthier lifestyle, so getting off the couch will help that.  we need to clean more too.  i am going to work on one room a day and by just taking 15-30 minutes, i will be able to keep it manageable. 

jan 1 - we went to mike and michele's.  we love spending time with the them.  we can truly be ourselves with them.  we are very casual people, and it's so nice that they are too!  we watched part of the eagles' game with them since tyler is so into them right now.  he would jump up and down every time the team would score.  it was adorable!!  the kids did shrinky dinks... i haven't done them since i was a kid.  kate really enjoyed designing them.  we had a delicious pork and potato dinner.  (it means good luck to have pork on jan 1).  we then played uno roboto.  it was a fun twist on the traditional uno game.  then the kids played wii.  nicole received nail manicure set for christmas, so i did the the girls nails (and mine :) )

jan 2 - kate was working on her science project and history project.  for science, she is doing an experiment on how yeast reacts to sugar and sugar substitutes.  there have been MANY issues, but i think she has finally figured it all out and it is working well.  ray and i went and got haircuts this morning.  i got a lot cut off, but it's still a bit of the same shape.  we are hoping to clean out some of the attic today. with us hoping to hear about ray's potential job this week, we want to start preparing for it. there is only so much i can do by myself. we are planning on putting a lot in storage so we can have some insulation put in the attic. there are a few more things we need to do to the house to get it ready to sell.

the flyers are playing in the winter classic vs the rangers today.  i just love watching them play.  we watched the alumni game on saturday and i was brought to tears.  between seeing some of my favorite players to listening to the "God Bless America" song with kate smith and lauren hart to watching bernie parent playing goalie at age 66.  it brought me back to such incredible time in my life when i got to spend so much of my time with my nana - i still treasure that time.  she was such a huge flyers' fan!  i took a few minutes to think about how different my life would be without having that time with her.  i am so lucky to have had that time.  we definitely lost her too soon.  i can only imagine how proud she would have been to see sean play hockey and kate play soccer/basketball/volleyball. 

Bernie Parent waves to the crowd during introductions. (AP)

Here's the article that was in the Philly News by Tim Panaccio about one of my favorite players: Shjon Podein (#25)

Shjon Podein did several things in the Flyers Alumni Game he never would have done as a player under Terry Murray.

 First, he logged 12:09 ice time. He took five shots on goal -- most of any teammate. And here’s the kicker: he got the game-winning goal.
Stuff like that never happens in reality. Only in your dreams.
Or, in this case, at a Winter Classic Alumni Game which the Flyers alums won, 3-1 over the Rangers.
“I definitely wasn’t thinking that,” Podein laughed when asked if he thought he’d score a goal, let alone a game-winner.
Podein tallied 44 goals during his four-plus years as a Flyer. Not many were game-winners, either. In his entire 11-year NHL career, he scored just 100 goals.
“I didn’t have a ton of goals, so this was pretty high up there,” he laughed. “It was a blast.”
His goal, off a Rick Tocchet assist, gave the Alums a 2-0 lead in the second period.
Ever get an ovation like that?
“Definitely, the most people in one area for sure,” Podein laughed. “I said it from Day One when I got here. Philly fans are the greatest. It’s not just a cliché. They’re unbelievable.
“They’re demanding. They’re harsh. They’re friendly. If you just give them everything you have, they respect you for it. That’s why it was so great playing here.”
We asked about his ice time.
“I was telling the guys after warmups today, that I doubled my ice time over the last five years,” Podein said. “That was awesome.”
Podein often plays in alumni games in Minnesota, where he grew up. The last organized game he played was in Tokyo in the 2006 Asia League Ice Hockey.
“I played for the Nikko Ice Bucks – that was my last organized game,” Podein recalled.
Incidentally, he had seven goals in 26 regular season games for Nikko that season.


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