Sunday, January 8, 2012

this week...

wednesday 1/4 - normal work day and then kate had a basketball game at schuylkill valley.  she had another great game.  she make 3 out of 4 free throws and a field goal.  she was fouled as the buzzer blew for the end of the 2nd quarter. so the free throws were taken without anyone on the line with her.  it's a lot of pressure with everyone watching and she did a great job!  she made both of them!!

thursday 1/5 - normal work day and then kate had basketball practice.  kate was guarding mckenna during practice and jammed her thumb.  she iced it and luckily it was on her left hand, so doing homework was fine.  the flyers played so we watched them pull one out with ~30 seconds left to win the game.  we just love watching them play.

friday 1/6 - crazy work day (last day for kristen and lindsey - so glad they won't be there anymore! and starting the transition to convert everything to heq.) and then kate had a basketball game at home vs hamburg.  she had her thumb wrapped by the trainer and it didn't seem to affect her game at all... in fact, she had an outstanding game!  she was playing awesome defense and made a few baskets too!  she caused a lot of turnovers and was very aggressive.  i love watching her play that way!  we came home and watched the sixers play.  it was their home opener and they had a few players from the past there.  bobby jones, moses malone, and dr. j, and a few others.  i remember watching them play when i was a kid.

saturday 1/7 - well, to say it was a lazy day is an understatement... i slept in until 11am and then stayed in bed watching tv with kate for another hour.  it was great!!  we watched the flyers play this afternoon.  they squeeked it out and won in the last 6 seconds of the overtime!  danny briere had a hat trick (and a fight)!!  it was so cool! 
we have been looking for houses in florida.  it's hard looking for good neighborhoods - we need a good school with good athletic and academic programs, houses with a some land, but with neighbors.  close to shopping without a lot of traffic, close enough to seaworld, but with low crime.  ray was up until 3am last night looking at websites and he found that crime was higher in the dr phillips and windermere sections.  we also decided against the 32828 orlando area because of the power plant and prison.  even though it's farther away than what we have here, we decided that if we are paying that much for a house, we don't want them that close.  so we decided to move to the oveido area.  we seem to be able to find more land and exactly what we want.  it's about 30 minutes from seaworld.  i guess we can handle that... ;)  i am so anxious to find out about ray's job... they expect to talk to the companies this week.  it's hard to wait.  after looking at houses and neighborhoods, i want to move now!!!  we will be working on cleaning out the attic tomorrow.  we are trying to prepare this house for moving. we can't spend anything on upgrades until ray is working, but we can clean it out.  after that we will work on the basement.

kate has been playing outside all afternoon.  she just loves being outside!  luckily we are having a nice 50 degree day in january!  she is going to LOVE being in florida in the winter! 

ray and i are watching mel brooks - history of the world... it's so goofy!it's totally ray's sense of humor!  i LOVE that we have such a great time together.  he is always making me laugh! 

once kate came home, we watched green lantern.  it was so nice spending some time together as a family.  ray and i watched the sixers (since i recorded it).  i am so happy they are good enough to watch!

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