Thursday, January 19, 2012


we've been busy, but i really have been slacking with updating the blog...

1/10/12 - it was corey and gidget's anniversary today.  sent well wishes to them thru facebook.  it was a normal crazy tuesday... kate had basketball and then volleyball.  ray wasn't feeling well so i took kate to volleyball.  i have been trying to get to know some of the vball parents.  i have been talking with alyssa's mom, serena.  she's a hoot. watched day 2 of 3 in a row for the sixers - got a W!!

1/11/12 - wednesday - regular day of work, school, and bball practice.  day 3 of 3 watching the sixers. it was a tough loss... still in first place though!!

1/12/12 - thursday - regular day of work, school, and bball practice.  watched the flyers beat the islanders, but it should not have been that close.  i spent some time labeling my cricut cartridges.

1/13/12 - friday - it was corey's bday today - sent well wishes to him thru facebook.  work, school and kate had a bball game at brandywine heights.  we got our first pay from health equity and they messed up a few things... charged me too much for insurance, took money out for hsa contributions, and didn't take out local taxes.  i headed out there alone because ray had a second technical interview with hutchinson recruiting.  it went very well!  when we got home, we had family movie night.  we turned the lights out and turned the audio up.

1/14/12 - saturday - today was the berks county scrappers winter fun crop.  i went with kim and aunt sherri.  i only got 2 pages and a few flowers... but i don't usually expect to get anything done!  i had a great time catching up with scrap friends i don't get to see.  ray and kate did some running around getting new school binders.  came home and watched the fly guys - they lost, but gotta watch - win or lose.  kate was exhausted... she passed on out the couch.

1/15/12 - sunday - slept in!!  it was SO nice!  took kate to vball practice while ray started working on cleaning out the attic.  when we got home, i went through old totes of crafts and the kids' school work.  it was a walk down memory lane.  ray started scanning old docs.  he is really doing a great job of getting rid of old things that we don't have space for.

1/16/12 - monday - MLK day - non-banking day, but still had to work.  got some things straightened out with the paychecks.  kate had off from school, but we worked on kate's science fair display.

1/17/12 - tuesday - this is probably the craziest day of the week.  i had a crazy day at work with deposits since yesterday wasn't a mail day.  ray got bloodwork and ran to the store.  i ran home to make french toast for dinner before getting kate from bball practice, then off to science fair to put the graph & chart on the project (since she forgot), and then to vball practice.  they have been working on some team building activities and they are definitely working.  kate said to me that she really likes the girls on her team.  i am so happy!!  we came home to grab dinner and watch the flyers.  they beat up on the wild 5-1!!!  ray got AWESOME news today.  the recruiters called and the technical interview went very well.  we have to go down to virginia next week for them to interview me to make sure i can handle ray being away for so long.

1/18/12 -  wednesday - worked and then went to kate's bball game.  they played reading and we killed them!  kate's vball coach (from wyo - coach wentzel) and his wife came to watch kate play.  she was so happy to see them.  i love that she is so involved in learning plays and communicating with the coaches.  she runs the plays on the court and it was neat to see her talking strategy with coach baer.  ray and i are going to virginia wednesday night (my birthday) for the interview on thursday.  kate has a half day wednesday and then we will drop her off at mom's.  mom will then take her to school on thursday morning and go to her game and bring her home until we get home.

 1/19/12 - crazy day at work.  busy the entire day... traffic was ridiculous today.  people we driving like idiots and i was very frustrated!!!  i have to fill out a packet of psychological profile questions for the recruiters before we go down next week.  they came in the mail today.  there are ~600 questions with 3 essays.  it was the same packet ray had to fill out.  kinda silly if you ask me... but i did it and in record time!  ray will return it to them tomorrow so they can review it before we go next week.  kate had a bball game vs oley tonight.  the schedule said at the high school, but it was at the oley middle school.  uncle mark was there to cheer on kate.  she loved it!!   after the game the girls had a pizza party and cheered on the senior high girls jv and varsity at home.  they had a scrimmage during half time.  they got to play in the new gym in front of 50-60 people.  what a cool experience!

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